Survivor Funds Application

The Summit County Collaborative Against Human Trafficking (SCCAHT) is committed to meeting the needs of survivors in our community.  This application is to supply limited funds for survivors in need that cannot be met by another community agency.  The survivor funds are aimed to provide survivors with resources to leave trafficking and/or abusive situations, assist with educational/ training expenses and basic needs services.  Miscellaneous requests that do not fit into one of these categories, can also be considered.

The executive committee will approve Survivor Funds requests during executive committee meetings, at least once per month.  If an executive committee member has a direct relationship with the survivor applying for Survivor Funds, the executive committee member shall not partake in the approval process.

Survivors Funds are aimed to be part of a sustainable solution for survivors.  Requests that cannot be sustained, may not be approved.  For example, if a Survivor Funds request is made for a housing deposit, but no resources are in place to support the housing payments, the Survivors Funds request may not be approved.

Requests require documentation of expenses at the time of submission.  Examples of documentation can include but are not limited to: utility bills, moving costs, etc.